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Together We Make A Difference

We provide the most comprehensive list of direct mailers so you have one place to make your opt-out choices. We strive to make the process easy, track the status and provide a way to file a complaint if the first request is not honored. The good news is that our simple opt-out form automatically delivers about 90% of opt-outs to companies. You select the name and address from the drop down, enter the customer number and source code, if available, and you are done.

This blog post is about the other 10%. The companies that require you to call customer service, send an email from your own account, or fill out a form on their website. Not all companies make it easy to opt-out through our system, but we have developed the best alternative methods to deliver your requests. And, we always track the status and give you a way to file a formal complaint. Our staff is constantly working to get these companies to make it easier for you to opt-out. Read on to learn how you can help.

Company Forms: We Help You Fill Them Out

In some cases you are required to complete a company’s contact form to opt-out. We know that opening their form in your browser is not ideal, but we try to make the form process less confusing by providing instructions and information you need at the top of the screen.

When a form opens in a new window in your browser, we provide you with a private, Catalog Choice email address ( to use in the form. Just copy the unique email from the top of the page and paste it into the form where required. Then, copy and paste the pre-written request text into the comment section of the form if needed. Feel free to add your own comments asking them to cooperate with Catalog Choice. Finally, click on the "I've Completed This" link to record your request in your Catalog Choice account.

When You Have To Use Your Own Email Address

Believe it or not, some companies block the unique Catalog Choice email we use to track the status and protect your own personal email address. When companies block our email server, we provide you with a template that makes sending the email from your own address quick and easy.

In these cases, you will see the note below on the opt-out page. Feel free to add your own words to the email telling the company to work with Catalog Choice. Every note helps. For example, thousands of members sent emails to Talbots in June and they changed their policy to accept emails from our server.

When You Have To Call

In a digital age it’s hard to believe that some companies require a phone call to their customer service department in order to change your mail preferences. When you run into the handful of companies that require a call, make sure to tell the customer service representative that you want their company to work with Catalog Choice. Every voice helps. For example, Comcast committed to working cooperatively with us, after years of requiring our members to call their customer service line to opt out. They promise to have an online system by the end of the year.

Together We Make A Difference

Together we can shrink the uncooperative 10% to zero. Many companies change their ways when they hear from you. So keep making your choices, even if the process requires some added effort and patience. With your ongoing participation and perseverance, together we are making a difference.

Reader Comments (2)

Have been trying to opt out of Superpages phone book today and keep getting this error:
Service Interruption
The SuperMedia AdCenter cannot perform the request at this time. Please try your request again later.

Why do I suspect they have that "Service Interruption" issue permanently? ;)

July 22, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMicah Donahue

I would like to sign up.

July 28, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterCarol Price

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