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Still Receiving Unwanted Catalogs? 

You’ve made requests to stop receiving unwanted catalogs through Catalog Choice. Many have stopped, but some are still showing up in your mail box. Why is this happening? What can you do about it? Read on to gain more control of your mailbox.

Reason #1: Inactive Account - You haven’t activated your Catalog Choice account. We verify your account by roundtrip email before we process your mail preferences. If you never received our confirmation email with the activation link after creating an account, the request might be caught in your SPAM filter.

Action: Check your SPAM and junk folders. Make sure to white list to receive our activation email. You can also send a request to this address and we will manually activate your account. You must send the message from the email address you used to set up your account.

Reason #2: It takes a little longer - After declining a catalog through Catalog Choice, you haven’t waited long enough. It typically takes ten weeks to remove your name from a mailing list, but it may take longer. Action: Look at the date you made the request and make sure you allow enough time for the request to be confirmed.

Reason #3: You made a recent purchase from a Participating Catalog Choice Merchant -  Most of our participating retailers will remove a name from their mailing list unconditionally.  However, some merchants will mail you a catalog if you have made a purchase in the past year. In “My Choices” the “Member Since” tag identifies participating merchants. You can also view them alphabetically in “Cool Catalogs.”

Action: Please write to our customer service ( and we’ll contact the mailer on your behalf.

Reason #4: You’ve made a recent purchase with a catalog mailer. As noted above, sometimes a retailer will honor a catalog opt-out request and then put you back on the mailing list if you make a purchase via catalog, store or internet.  

Action: Make a “Still Receiving” request or contact the merchant directly. Also make your mail preferences known at the point of purchase.

Reason #5: The mailer is not formally participating in Catalog Choice. Some mailers simply refuse to accept our requests. To address this issue, we’ve added two new delivery methods: contact form pop-up and direct email. While not as convenient, these methods ensure successful delivery of your requests.

Action: Select "still receiving" by the title in "My Choices" and we will deliver your request through the best means available. Copy your unique Catalog Choice email at the top of the contact form pop-up and substitute for your personal email. This protects your personal email address and allows delivery of responses from the mailer to your account dashboard.

Reason #6: Names are commonly traded, rented, shared or sold. If you receive a catalog in a new name/address variation, it is likely that this has occurred.

Action: Make a new mail preference with the different variations of your name/address and we will deliver the request. To reduce the amount of prospect mail you receive (companies you’ve never purchased from), register with Be sure to add the name/address variations to the account as well.

Thanks for using the service. Please keep us posted on your results!

Reader Comments (3)

How about a Catalog Choice "Hall of Shame" which lists merchants who say they honor opt-out requests but many people report as still receiving, even after more than a year?

It seems to me that Catalog Choice is a lot less useful when you can't stop catalogs and merchants just work around it by re-adding you.

October 28, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJoe Snuffy

Number of catalogs my partner & I received in
July: 2
Aug: 1
Sept. 0
Oct. 0
Nov. 0 (through of 11/10/09)

Folks, it takes perseverance (and the occasional PS1500) -- but it *can* be done!

November 10, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterHazel

very few of the catalogs stopped.

April 21, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterconstance durham

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