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Important Product Update from Catalog Choice

You may have noticed that our MailStop Envelope, Mobile and Browser services are no longer available. We recently have taken the time to assess the effectiveness and quality of each of our services, also taking your feedback into consideration. As a result, we have decided to discontinue our envelope, app and browser add-on to better focus our efforts on our free opt-out Catalog Choice and data broker list removal MailStop Shield services.

What It Means for You:

MailStop Envelope – If you have purchased one or more envelopes that you have not yet used, please return the envelope to us before February 1, 2013. After this date, we will no longer process envelope opt-outs.

Mailstop Mobile App – If you currently use our mobile app, you can continue to use it. However, we will not be launching new features or updates.

MailStop Browser Extension – If you currently use our browser extension, you can continue to use it. However, we will not be launching new features or updates.

We appreciate your understanding and encourage you to continue opting out of unwanted mail at If you have question, please email us at


Catalog Choice Top 10 Tips for Holiday Waste Reduction

Believe it or not, our wrapping paper, decorations, shipping materials, etc. turns into 25 million tons of solid waste—and paper is just the beginning.

Many communities all over the US post lists of holiday waste reduction tips online, so we decided to highlight the best of what we've seen:

Catalog Choice Top 10 Tips for Holiday Waste Reduction

  1. Reuse foam peanuts. Most packaging materials for shipping can be used more than once.
  2. Compost your leftover food. It's easy and makes for a great fertilizer.
  3. Wrap creatively. Use comics, old maps, sheet music, fabric/wallpaper scraps. And use fun tins and food boxes you crush and recycle for gift containers.
  4. Make festive recycling bins. They're a great addition for your holiday party and a great activity for kids.
  5. Give the gift of time or talent. Take someone to a play, concert or movie. Make your own gift certificates. Offer your talents like photography or financial planning.
  6. Help your friends go green. Give planet-conscious gifts like compost bins, can crushers, water timers, programmable thermostats, rain barrels, bird feeders, light timers or bat house.
  7. Buy outdoor light strands that are wired in parallel. If one bulb goes bad, the others still work, so you won't be throwing away entire “bad” strands.
  8. Keep it simple. One thoughtful gift is better than six wrapped packages of unwanted gifts.
  9. Don't wrap oversized gifts. Hide them and give clues. Make gift-giving into a treasure hunt.
  10. Plan previously-loved or homemade gift exchanges. Books, a restored piece of furniture or a rebuilt bike can be cherished for many years and by many people.

'Tis the season to opt out of even more unwanted paper mail! We encourage you to try at least one of these fun tips as you celebrate the spirit of the season—and don't forget to keep opting out of paper mail all year long at


Today is America Recycles Day!  

Reduce, reuse and recycle to better your community.

Held annually on November 15th, America Recycles Day is the only nationally recognized day dedicated to the promotion of recycling programs in the United States.  Recycling is one of the easiest things we can do every day to save energy and conserve natural resources.

As part of ARD’s efforts to encourage us to reduce, reuse and recycle throughout the year, we are offering free opt-outs for unwanted junk mail at a special website, We will track participation and the resulting environmental benefits including trees, greenhouse gases, water and solid waste saved.

Every year, U.S. households receive over 83 billion pieces of advertising mail. Sadly, 46% is never read, and 38% is not recycled. With Catalog Choice, consumers can opt-out of the direct mail they no longer wish to receive. To date, we have connected over 1.6 million consumers nationwide who want to manage their privacy with more than 8,000 direct-mail companies to reduce the amount of unwanted mail and minimize its environmental impact. Consumer opt-outs, to date, have resulted in saving approximately 798,000 trees, 332,430,000 pounds of greenhouse gas, 117,842,000 pounds of solid waste, and 800,607,000 gallons of water.

We encourage all catalog choice customers to get involved and show your support for recycling in your community.  Take the America Recycles Day pledge, and join a recycling event in your community!

Together, we can make waste prevention and recycling bigger and better 365 days a year. 


Consumers Want More Transparency from Data Brokers

In July 2012, the Bipartisan Congressional Privacy Caucus sent a letter to nine of the top data brokers requesting information about the collection, use and management of Americans' personal information. Personal information collected by Data Brokers is used to deliver marketing information based on demographics and other key variables, resulting in a flood of junk mail in your mailbox.

We wanted to find out what average American citizens knew about Data Brokers and how much control they wanted over their personal information held by Data Brokers. We conducted a survey among 2,900 randomly selected Catalog Choice members.

Today, we announced the results of the survey. Here are some of our key findings:

Less than 20% of consumers have a good understanding of data brokers:

  • Only 18% of consumers have significant or complete understanding of how to define a data broker company.
  • Only 16% of consumers have significant or complete understanding of what information data brokers collect.
  • Only 20% of consumers have significant or complete understanding of what data brokers do with that information.

Consumers want access to and control over the information data brokers collect:

  • 76% of consumers feel that it is important to be notified about information data brokers collect.
  • 71% of consumers feel that it is important to be able to access and see information data brokers collect (77% feel that it is important to be able to modify that information).
  • 80% of consumers feel that it is important to be able to opt out of the distribution and sale of information or delete the information that data brokers collect.

Not surprisingly, most people are confused about how data brokers operate and want to better control how data brokers handle their personal information. At Catalog Choice, we’re helping consumers gain greater control over their mailboxes. We believe you should be in control of your personal information.

Our MailStop Shield service can help you stop data brokers from freely trading your identity. The service removes your information from data brokers lists, allows you to track the progress of your opt-outs and helps keep unwanted mail out of your mailbox.

To start removing your name and address from data broker lists, sign up for MailStop Shield.


Stop Paper Junk Mail at GreeNYC

Catalog Choice is hosting a new version of our free mail preference service at Now you can access the nation's largest opt-out service from within our partner's website.

Want the latest on living sustainably in New York? On the GreeNYC site you'll find a custom version of the Catalog Choice opt-out service. Stop your junk mail and learn about other ways to live greener in NYC.

Want a custom widget for your communities website?  Learn more here and contact April Smith for details.

Below are a few screen shots from the GreeNYC site.

Click the Sign Up! link and the new widget version of our service appears.

Login to your existing account or sign up for a free account.  You'll stay right on the page and you can search for unwanted mail and phonebooks as shown below.